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EPS&Rock Wool Sandwich panel production line

EPS&Rock Wool Sandwich panel production line EPS&Rock Wool Sandwich panel production line

Product description:
1.This line adopts advanced technology integrating pneumatic, electric and mechanical technology.
2.It is controlled by computer; display Chinese / English language .People can very easy operate it.
3.The line speed is very stable because its infinitely variable speed.
4.The length of final sandwich panel can be controlled by the computer system based on user’s requirements.
The computer system has precise orientation with timed display on the touch screen. And it has the ability of Automatic counting and correction.
5.This line deploy roll forming machine for the roof panel, can produce over 10 different profiles of the panel.
6.The shape of the sandwich panel can be designed and modified according to user’s requirements, this is for demand of different users.
The sketch map of the production line:

Composing of production line:


Composing of production line



Un-coiler (passive)



Steel panel transverse cutting device , steel panel surface PVC film covering device



Roll forming machine for roof panel



Heating device



Liquid glue mixing and scraping device for foaming



Mainframe-laminating press and sandwich panel agglutinating and maturing in the machine(rubber roller structure)



Sandwich panel automatically cutter-band saw



Electric control system


Introduction of consists component:

1.Coil mandrel and coil base frame , the un-coiled is passive :
Specification: It can be adapt for the inner diameter 500mm , the width is no more than 1300mm and weight is no more than 5000KG , the outside diameter is no more than 1300mm .
2.Roll forming machine :
Specification: roll forming machine:8500mm*1520mm (length*width),the motor power is 4KW
3.One set of main body of the metal skinned heat-insulation sandwich panel production line :
Specification: main Body: 15000mm*2200mm (length*width)
Up and bottom steel-panel machine 6000mm*2200mm (length*width)
Laminating machine 8000mm*2200mm (length*width)
The main driven motor power is 3KW.
4.Liquid glue mixing and scraping device for foaming
5.One set of cutting device :
Cutting machine can move longitudinally along product line;
Band saw of the cutting machine can move transversely,
Cutting machine moves longitudinally and transversely,
Cutting machine adopts one-side blade band saw manner,
There is panel tight-pressing system (pneumatic) in the cutting machine;
There is location limiter to limit longitudinal and transverse motion of cutting machine.
The accuracy is ±2mm/1m.
6.One set of transferring rack:
(1)Main transferring rack : 4000mm*1210mm(length*width),no driven power
(2)Assistant transferring rack: 2000mm*1210mm (length*width), no driven power.
7.Electrical control device :
The machine is controlled by PLC and touch screen.

Factory requirement:
1.Requirement of workshop : 55M*10M*5M(length*width*height of eaves)
2.Primary technology parameters of sandwich panel production line:
●Speed of production line: 4m/min (frequency conversion to adjust speed)
●The dimension of production line: approximately 45M*3M*3M
●Total power of the production line: 32KW, 380V/50HZ.
●Machine total weight is approximately 18 Tons
3.The workshop needs to have 0.4~0.6m3×7kg/min compressor and smooth cement floor.
4.The crane needs to load more than 5Tons and its travel distance must more than 30M.
5.6~8 people to operate the machine.
Panel Profile Drawing (Optional)

In common use material and specification as following:



Color steelWidth(mm)

A.Panel (EPS)



B.H panel (EPS&rock wool)

50-250(rock wool 50,75,100)


C.Jack panel (EPS&rock wool)

50-200 (rock wool 50,75,100)


D.Roof panel(EPS)



E.Corrugate panel(EPS)



Warranty: 12 month limited warranty.
Delivery time:50 days after deposit
Shipment : The machine total needs 2×40HQ container
Payment: T/T
First deposit T/T 30% when sign the contract, then 70% T/T when take the machine

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