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Working knowledge of the bending machine

Author:admin Date:2012-11-21 9:37:37
Our company is a professional production of the bending machine enterprise. Here is a working knowledge of the bending machine:
The work required for the cold processing of steel pushed on two active roller door bracket by the auxiliary system, start the hydraulic system of the hydraulic cylinder to promote the dovetail groove and cold roller cold-pressed steel, be required to meet the design radians closed hydraulic system, start the mechanical drive system, active wheel rotation and rely on friction driven steel smooth slow forward, in order to achieve continuous cold-formed job. The end of the cold-formed, turn off the mechanical drive system, and at the same time to start the hydraulic system, the hydraulic cylinder to recover. Cold-formed steel is placed in the bracket on the door of the auxiliary system can be. This cold bending operations, to ensure the strength of the material, improve the quality of the supporting steel arch, greatly improved work efficiency, simple operation and clear. The bending machine is compared with presses having a good performance.
My company is unique geographical location and convenient transportation. Roll forming machine production at reasonable prices, is your ideal choice! Here is the roll forming machine characteristics:
1, bending distortions in production, mainly generated by the uneven around the uneven around bending up and down the uneven, resulting in distorted. Solution: Design the force balanced, accurate processing, easy to install.
2, this machine using steel, aluminum, color steel strip, by molding machine continuously roll roll forming. Swap different rolls, can be rolled to a variety of different opening, semi-open, closed profiles. Such as: light steel keel, fasting steel doors and windows, car windows and doors, gates, cable tray, highway guardrail panels, electrical cabinet post, metal roof, container board plate. Automatic cut to length, cut off.
3, the side of the main drive roller cone bearing spindle runout 0.04MM to internal and external, to ensure that the spindle will not be around a rocky ledge, ordinary ball bearings inherent gap axial movement can not be avoided in the precise transmission.
4, the roller is critical to the processing accuracy, this specially crafted special tools in the projector, a magnification of 20 times for detection.
Today on the first sum up so much, in fact, these issues need careful that we slowly summary.

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