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What are the detailed construction composite decking

Author:admin Date:2013-1-23 13:32:55

Code for design of composite slabs:

1 composite slab bearing capacity should be based on the actual use of the support of the state ( single -, double -, three span ) and material thickness, were designed according to the national standard GB/T 50010-2002 and GB/T 50018-2002.

The 2 floor plate in construction as a template and can be used in the stage floor for all or part of the lower part of the tensile reinforcement.

3 composite floor plate can be designed into a simple span or continuous span, continuous span, composite floor bearing negative reinforcement shall be designed according to relevant design specifications.

4 design engineers to temperature reinforcement should be designed according to the corresponding specification.

5 concrete height shall be not less than the floor plate wave 50mm.

6 composite floor plate in the construction stage of the deflection limit below L/180 ( L is the span of slab ), floor later allowed under uniform load, the deflection limit of less than L/360.

The 7 floor plate minimum moment of inertia and the minimum section coefficient should meet the engineering specification for design, should abide by the pressure plate design specifications.

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