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The effect of attracting Machinery Taiwan enterprises in Fujian Nanjing together

Author:admin Date:2012-10-19 13:20:06

The support for the construction of Hercynian " opinion " and " executive opinion " published in Fujian Province, Fujian Nanjing County strengthen cooperation, machinery industry cluster vibrant, industry scale, technology content has been ranked the forefront of the province.

Nanjing machinery industry cluster of 80 enterprises, the scale of as many as 61 enterprises, in the CNC machine tools, precision casting, agricultural machinery, vehicles, electronic information equipment and other aspects highlighted the advantages. At present, Nanjing machinery industry year total production value amounts to 4790000000 yuan.

" Nanjing County, through the improvement of policy service, to build all-round Taiwanese investment environment, it is the vitality of Nanjing machinery industry. " Liao Zhaoji says. At present, Nanjing CNC machine tool dimensions enterprise 19, for entire county machinery industry cluster with everfount advanced production equipment. Among them, the Taiwan-funded core dimensions enterprise 2, in numerical control technology research and development played a leading role. " We are Nanjing enterprises manufacturing equipment, and our machine spare parts, raw materials and sources in these enterprises. Industrial internal interdependence, this is industrial harmony. " Zhangzhou just east of Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd associate Lin Zijie said. As a businessman, he is very satisfied with the perfect matching of Nanjing machinery industry. At present, more than 20 Taiwan enterprises located in Nanjing machinery industry chain.

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