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The construction of light steel structure to expand rapidly

Author:admin Date:2013-1-9 15:02:48

The construction of light steel structure can get fast expansion, as a result of this kind of structure has many advantages: the Nanjing steel structure

1, this is a kind of environmentally friendly buildings. The construction of light steel structure because of the extensive use of steel and other new building materials, to avoid the lime brick sand and other building materials environmental destruction on the shortcomings, thus known as the twenty-first Century " green building ";

In 2, the building cost is low ( generally than the same size concrete construction low 1/3 ), fast construction (usually concrete building 2/3 );

3, the unique architectural style, with the modern.

In addition, this architecture can be construction in winter, can be reused, has been recognized by society, is a capital investment of choice for building structure.

Marketing strategy of enterprises in the socialist market economy condition according to the internal and external environment and access to resources, to seek survival and long-term chaos development, of the enterprise development goals, to achieve the goal of ways and means of the overall plan; it is enterprise management thought centralism manifests, is a series of strategic decision the results, also make enterprise planning and plan based.

Marketing strategy is the enterprise to achieve its business objectives of the basic method, is the enterprise current decision-making process, generally including target market, product positioning, marketing and marketing expenses level of resolution plan. Marketing strategy is the enterprise 's highest resolution plan flow, is the enterprise internal parts together to coordinate the work results.

Light steel structure construction enterprise is in the market for enterprises of all types of sector, its marketing strategy with the general business in common, that is comprehensive, prospective, systemic, competitive and relative stability, but also has its own characteristics, mainly in the:

In 1, the construction of light steel structure industry is a new industry, from its birth time, facing the complex and changeable market. He not only faced with international standards of steel structure construction market, but also faced financial market, technology market, information market, labor market, and also studies the trend of vicissitude of the market;

In 2, the construction of light steel structure enterprise external has resulted in intense competition, enterprises competition is not only the national enterprises, collective enterprises and individual enterprises, but also the Sino-foreign joint ventures, cooperative enterprises, foreign invested enterprises, and exported to China the construction of light steel structure products of foreign enterprises, the competition is mainly through technology, product, dumping and the way such as the service to compete for the customers and markets, but also the competition for talent, capital and material resources in. The existence of competition and intensification of forced enterprises to try to improve their competitive strength, competitive strategic plan;

3, from tell on the whole, our country the construction of light steel structure the overall level of the enterprise and foreign enterprise compared still have very big difference, this will force enterprises to strengthen research and development, narrowing the gap with foreign enterprises, reach or surpass the level of foreign countries.

In 4, the construction of light steel structure enterprise external has formed a community of interests, which forced the enterprises should not only consider their own interests, but also consider the interests of stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, distributors, collaboration with stakeholders. If these relationships are not handled properly, will bring to the enterprise management problem.

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