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Take effective measures to make the steel industry to get back on track

Author:admin Date:2012-12-27 9:24:52

In the iron and steel industry in the macro-control targets for development at the same time, in recent years the excessive growth of investment risks gradually, all kinds of contradictions in the iron and steel operation. Total social fixed asset investment growth of 26.1% over the same period, growth rate down 1.6 percentage points. Among them, urban fixed asset investment growth 27.7%, amplitude fall after a rise of 2.2 percentage points, the real estate investment growth 22.2%, amplitude fall after a rise of 6.1 percentage points. Iron and steel industry and investment in fixed assets in a very high correlation, fixed assets investment fell at the same time, iron and steel industry capacity has accelerated the release. In the capacity of speeding up the release at the same time, because the country of steel and other primary products export policy adjustment, the steel industry to add substantial resource to domestic market. Domestic new resources in 45% increments to expand export and import less, these changes will increase the capacity expansion of the risk and pressure.

Iron ore price rise substantially and electricity prices increased and the production cost of steel enterprises. At the same time since the two quarter steel prices fell into some depth, breed cost area, many enterprises current production losses. In recent years our country iron and steel industry in structural adjustment respect did a large number of works, obtained certain result. But due to capacity blind dilate, make the industry concentration continued to decline, steel enterprises to actively adapt to the market, control output, maintaining the steel price reasonable ability inadequacy. In domestic steel product structure, satisfy domestic need the ability to continuously improve, but the import of steel with high added value, high technology content of the breed is given priority to, our country iron and steel industry industrial structure level is still relatively low, the steel industry in the done-masterpiece still has a long way to go.

The current price of steel fell apart from the depth of capacity expansion too fast, market supply and demand changes, but also with the market panic is produced. The market demand for steel has no qualitative change, still maintained a rigid demand, the base is still large, but the growth rate slowed down, the key is the mentality of the market. Iron and steel circulation enterprises must correctly understand the national macroeconomic regulation and control purposes, for the stability of the domestic steel market prices to make efforts, properly control the production rhythm, to keep the market the general balance of supply and demand. Strengthen and improve macroscopical adjusting control, maintain the continuity and stability of policies. On the control of fixed assets investment, real estate development and rapid growth while, also should make its maintain reasonable growth and size.

To strengthen the development of iron and steel industry guide. Increase structural adjustment and enterprise restructuring, optimization of iron and steel industry layout. In the strict control of the export of iron and steel products of rapid growth at the same time, to guide the iron and steel enterprises, through technological progress, scientific management methods, strive to reduce the steel consumption of energy and material, improve the comprehensive utilization rate of resources. Increase the elimination of backward production capacity of strength.

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