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Steel structure truss deck design

Author:admin Date:2012-12-6 11:15:09

In 1, the steel structure truss deck material

Steel structure: the steel structure truss lower chord steel structure using a template plate supply hot rolled steel structure of HPB235, HRB400 or cold rolled ribbed steel structure 550 class; ventral rod adopts a disk into a cold light supply steel structure of grade 550 or grade 650; truss support steel structure steel structure with HPB235 or HRB335.

Galvanized steel sheet: using 0.5mm thick, galvanized capacity of 120~180g/mm2 galvanized steel sheet. The pressure plate galvanized, too low no antiseptic effect, is high and easy and concrete chemical reactions occur, according to the American ASCE standard, the composite slab with profiled steel sheet galvanized volume requirements for 275--300g/m2. For the composite floor slab, because the plate is not involved in the structure of the force, steel anti-corrosion requirements can be reduced than the combined floor.

In 2, the steel structure truss plate calculation

Steel structure truss deck from the concrete to the reached the design strength process, floor stress are significantly different, so should be carried out in the construction and use of the two stage calculation.

( 1) the construction phase calculation

In the stage of construction steel structure truss assumed the stage all live construction load of concrete during construction stage and weight, when provided with reliable and temporary support, design without the computations in construction stage construction stage; when no temporary support, uses the truss model, on the basis of " code for design of steel structures ( GB 50017 ) " provisions. Bearing capacity limit state load effect combination according to the fundamental importance, the coefficient of 0.9. Deflection using load effect combination calculation standard.

Construction loads comprises a steel structure truss formwork weight, wet weight and construction load of concrete. Construction load with uniform load and concentrated load is 1.5kN/m2 cross along the plate width 2.5kN/m is unfavorable, do not consider two functions at the same time.

Construction stage should be calculated from top to bottom chord steel structure strength and compressive chord steel structure stability and reinforcement. Content includes upper and lower chords of strength checking, chord and web members and deflection calculation of stability calculation of truss. After the concrete has reached the design strength, the floor under construction load greater than the load floor, no temporary support, should consult use method of calculation of strength and deformation of floor.

Construction steel structure truss formwork in the maximum deflection according to the normal combination of loads calculation, deflection and span ratio is not more than 1/180, not more than 20mm.

(2 ) the use of phase calculation

The use of phase calculation includes the calculation of bearing capacity of normal section of floor, floor lower steel structure stress control check, bearing crack checking and controlling and deflection calculation.

Floor load bearing capacity of normal section according to the current national standard " code for design of concrete structures " and " GB 50010 cold-rolled ribbed steel structure of technical specification for concrete structures of " JGJ 95 provisions.

Floor bearing the maximum crack width limit according to the national standard " code for design of concrete structures " GB50010 relevant provisions. The crack control check should be according to the national standard " code for design of concrete structures " GB 50010 formula of execution, which should be in addition to the self weight of the floor outside the permanent load and live load on the floor under the action of load effect combination according to the standard calculation of the bending moment value.

Floor live load deflection of the floor should not exceed the computation span 1/350, the self weight of the floor, in addition to the self weight of the floor outside the permanent load and live load on the floor slabs subjected to the action of the deflection calculation of span should not exceed 1/250. In the slab deflection calculation, stiffness according to the national standard " code for design of concrete structures " GB 50010 formulas.

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