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Steel structure fire protection

Author:admin Date:2012-11-5 14:46:17

1, fire retardant coatings for steel structure

Steel structure fire retardant coating is applied to buildings and structures on the surface of steel structure, can form a refractory heat insulation protective layer, to improve the steel structure fire resistance coating, divided into thick, thin, thin and several. Thick type granular, the thickness of the coating is usually over 8 mm, construction method for spray coating, high temperature on the thickness of coating itself and low thermal conductivity to components of the heat insulation function. Thin and ultrathin coating thinner, has a certain decorative effect, the construction method can be sprayed brush, high temperature coating expansion Thickening Steel member. Have weight light, the construction is relatively simple, suitable for concealed structure and bare steel, and other steel brace.

2, concrete masonry block method

Use of cast-in-place concrete as outer layer, the steel structure of cast-in-situ molding, can also be used for spraying ( spraying technology ). Cast-in-place concrete outer layer is usually available steel wire or steel to strengthen, to limit the shrinkage cracks and ensure the strength of the shell. Also at the construction site of the steel structure surface coated foam mortar to form a protective layer. Mortar can be lime, cement or gypsum mortar, can also be mixed with perlite or asbestos. Outsourcing layer can also use the perlite, asbestos, gypsum or asbestos cement and lightweight concrete made of prefabricated plate, the adhesive and the nail or screw bolt is fixed on a steel structure. This method of protective layer of high strength, impact resistance, large space occupation, suitable for easy collision, no protection panel steel column in fire protection.

3, filling water

In the hollow steel member is filled with water from fire is the most effective method, can make the steel structure in fire to keep lower temperature. Water in the structure of inner loop, heating water can be recycled after cooling, or by introducing cold water pipes to replace heating water. This method in foreign countries are widely used in steel column protection. This method has the advantages of low cost, the hollow steel leakage, corrosion resistance high, applies only to the hollow steel protection.

4, light fireproof plate coated method

The inorganic fireproof board for large steel member box package, such as gypsum board, vermiculite plate, non-asbestos calcium silicate insulation board, plate thickness according to the limit of fire resistance requirements. This method has the advantages of convenient construction, decoration surface smooth, low cost, small loss, no environmental pollution, short construction cycle, aging resistance and other advantages, good popularization prospect of fire protection for steel structures, is a new development direction.

5, composite protection law

Close to the steel fire retardant paint or flexible felty insulation material, external fire sheet cover panel. This method is applied to a surface decorative requirements, generally used for paste required flexible felty insulation material or coated thick fireproof coating for steel column.

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