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Steel structure building bearing plate reinforcement requirements

Author:admin Date:2012-12-6 11:09:18

1, design needs to improve the combination building bearing plate section bearing capacity, but at the end of the plate along the direction along the rib configuration of additional tensile reinforcement. Reinforced protective layer of the net thickness shall not be less than 5mm,

In 2, combined floor plates should not be used without indentation steel plate surface smooth open floor plates, if it must be used, should be arranged in a direction along the vertical rib is not less than the @204 of transverse reinforcement, and shall be welded to the pressure plate on the top flange. Welding with transverse shear reinforcement combined floor plates of the shear coefficient should be determined according to appendix A.

In 3, combined floor plates in large concentration ( line ) load transverse reinforcement part should be set, its cross-sectional area should not be less than the floor bearing plate rib above concrete cross-sectional area should not be less than the 0.2% width extending centrally ( line ) load distribution of effective width of B diagram of 5.1.6 steel spacing not more than 150mm in diameter is not announced, less than 6mm

In 4, combined floor plates bearing structural steel and the surface temperature full tendon configuration should be consistent with existing national standard " code for design of concrete structures ", the relevant provisions of GB50010.

5, composite slabs reinforced concrete can be used in several forms:

1 combined floor bearing plate bending zone of pressure plate meet bending bearing capacity requirements, positive bending moment can be reinforced, but only in the negative moment area configuration stress Zhao rib and a top surface configured in the slab temperature anti-crack reinforcement;

2 combined floor bearing plate bending zone of pressure plate can not meet the requirements or the bending bearing capacity calculation can not meet the requirements, the positive bending region configuration stress bar;

3 when the combined floor plates subjected to large tensile stress, the floor bearing plate rib top arrangement steel mesh.

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