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Steel sheeting composite slabs

Author:admin Date:2012-11-28 10:20:37
Load-bearing floor of the building pressure steel galvanized steel sheet by roll Cold Roll Forming its cross-section into a V-shaped, U-shaped, trapezoidal or similar to the shape of the waveform of these types, mainly used as Floor Deck also be selected for other purposes. The board as a mezzanine deck, which is characterized by the construction fast, convenient, short construction period, savings reinforced cater to the steel template, with the cost of the end, and high intensity.

Combination floor construction sequence:

(1) steel beam surface clear and clean, steel floor row board diagram welding steel beams;

(2) the welding procedure, the steel deck welding steel beam;

(3) Jingang Cheng cubicle at the fastening clamp to be fixed;

(4) composite wind beam at the nail scissors torch fixed;

(5) to help tie the steel mesh design requirements;

(6) conducted Tongjiao Note
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