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Steel products improve the export, strengthen quality control

Author:admin Date:2012-12-4 9:15:18

At present, China is in the process of industrialization, and China is becoming the world manufacturing center, and as a manufacturing center, it must have the appropriate materials industry support, and China will gradually take on the world manufacturing center role match. When the Chinese industrialization, the iron and steel industry will continue to other industrialized countries transfer. Chinese steel exports big country as is the inevitable result of international industry transfer.

The present domestic building bearing plate physical quality is not stable, impact noise and life of steel products and performance indicators improved, resulting in domestic steel products the internal and surface quality of the product has the obvious disparity with the developed countries. Therefore, some domestic steel steel products to adapt to market needs, is to further carry out scientific and technological activities. Five steel companies in optimizing smelting on the basis of quality, carry out steel peeling technology research and the bar surface defect analysis and quality control, research and development of high quality products; development of high technology content and high reliability of railway locomotive and car steel steel products steel products, adapt to the requirement of passenger trains.

Steel products market continues to expand, also brought the market and business opportunities. Shanghai Baosteel Group Five Steel Corporation is the domestic production base, in recent years produce and sale two flourishing. New development of super pure products cold drawn products provide the world's largest miniature steel production enterprises Japan Minebea company, used for air conditioning of the high-speed mute production, much the user's praise. Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Company production of high-grade products, annual sales reached 300000 tons, in domestic consumption accounts for 1/3, squeeze is the world's third building bearing plate production enterprises.

The future of the domestic steel market will continue to expand. Expert analysis, to 2005 our country will produce 3000000000 sets of steel products, total industrial output value reached 31000000000 yuan. At present our country already have 24-25 million units of production capacity, one of general steel product is begged for be more than. China's steel products exports foreground to value, export up to 1800000000 sets, earning $9-10. Thus, building contractors board demand will rise apparently.

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