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Steel plate design and construction suggestions

Author:admin Date:2012-11-5 14:43:27

Steel plate for the steel shall conform to the minimum yield strength 235N/mm2. Cold roll forming, shall be subject to continuous hot dip galvanizing steel, the galvanized in accordance with 275g/m2. ( positive and negative ) steel actual thickness shall not be less than the design thickness of 95%.


Steel plate in addition to available for mold plate, and can be considered as the floor all the positive reinforcement and a portion of the temperature reinforcement. Composite floor slab should be able to withstand the specified design live load. Bearing plate thickness should be consistent with the design drawings of the provisions. Bearing plate to its minimum moment of inertia and the minimum modulus of section shall be in accordance with the provisions of the design drawings.


In order to provide positive bending moment when desired steel steel plate and concrete enough holding force ( Keybond ), steel plate section has continuity wedge rib ( dovetail-shaped ribs ), the wedge rib for 51mm deep, wide at the top opening at the bottom of the 16mm, 35mm, 190mm rib spacing. Steel plate should be possible by three or three above the continuous cross cross cross mode construction. Steel plate should be in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and design drawings of the construction.

Can steel plate lateral lap should adopt spot welding or bolt is fixed, fixed point distance shall be not more than 90cm. Can steel plate can be used as mold plate, should bear the load plate weight and 100kg/m2 construction uniform live load. In case of special or heavier construction load, made of steel plate allows the unsupported span should be reduced accordingly. Construction should avoid heavy load before concrete pouring, in personnel ambulates relatively frequent area, shall be paved trail board, lest the steel plate is damaged or deformed.

Temporary middle support

Should be in accordance with the multiple steel plate for maximum no supported span table the proposal, design required temporary intermediate support, and temporary support until the concrete compressive strength is up to 75% design before the demolition.


The use of steel plate, concrete shall not have chloric additive. Before grouting, steel surface debris (excluding shear nails porcelain sleeve ), grease and other unfavorable concrete adhesive materials shall be cleaned. The design of concrete compressive strength should not small C20, the slump should be between 10cm to 12.5cm, to ensure adequate water, making galvanized steel sheet and concrete between bond and achieve the maximum effect, and make the concrete shrinkage reaches a minimum.

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