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Slitting machine signal conversion

Author:admin Date:2012-11-21 9:43:41
Our company is specialized in slitting machine research, production and sales in one comprehensive strength. Following Xiaobian to introduce you to the next slitting machine signal conversion:
1 Stepper Motor
Depends on the number of input pulses input to the stepper motor controller, the rotational angle of the stepping motor by the digital signal output of the computer in a pulsed manner, the rotational speed depending on the frequency of the input pulse. The rotational angle of the stepping motor through a transmission means converts the valve opening, i.e. the change of the flow, which is composed of the digital flow valve, through the control means so that the outlet pressure of the valve and the proportional composition of the digital pressure valve.
2 digital-to-analog conversion formula
Electro-hydraulic servo valve or proportional valve conversion. Computer generated digital convert the analog by the DAC control the input current is applied to the servo valve or proportional valve, the feedback signal through the ADC is converted into a digital number into the computer. This system utilizes a high frequency corresponding precision waiting point of the servo valve, and easy to implement to engage the accuracy of the servo control.
3 high-speed switch valve way
The digital signal is amplified by high response torque motor directly or indirectly drive the opening of a fixed switching valve, the use of the output from the computer to control the front of the switch valve. Valve always work alternately in both open and closed state, the feedback signal through the sampler and then passed back to the computer in digital form.
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