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Oil stone machinery to create China's first 8000 meters drilling rig

Author:admin Date:2012-10-19 13:18:27

Recently, Chinese oil stone machinery limited liability company developed China's first 8000 meters ultra deep well drilling rig, in this company steel plant material production. This is our first design development of 8000 meters of ultra-deep drilling rig, will make domestic drill series of more perfect.

This set of 8000 meters of ultra-deep drilling rig is a gem machinery for the piedmont area of Tarim Oilfield tailor-made, as construction " Xinjiang Daqing " key equipment, can satisfy the special geographical environment of Tarim foreland in ultra deep well drilling requirement. 8000 meters of ultra-deep drilling rig derrick effective height of 48 meters, 9000 meters and conventional ultra deep well drilling derrick height quite effective. At the same time, it has the advantages of compact structure, complete facilities, weight is light and the advantages of safe operation. This rig is precious stones machinery in 2005 successfully developed China's first 9000 meters of ultra-deep drilling rig and in 2007 the successful development of the world's first land 12000 meters of deep well drilling rig, in deep drilling rig development has also made a technical achievement, to fill the domestic blank.

Gem machinery is China's only full digital AC variable frequency electric drive rig from 1000 meters to 12000 meters, the landform and all-weather whole well depth seamless coverage, and successfully from the land toward the sea of high-end enterprise, show the mature of ultra-deep drilling rig development strength and innovation of enterprise vitality.

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