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Micro mechanical processing technology of foreign development status

Author: Date:2012-10-16 14:11:46

Micro mechanical abroad has been the government departments, enterprises, institutions of higher learning and research institutions and attention. The United States MIT, Berkeley, Stanford\AT&T 15 scientists in the eighty's of the last century, put forward " small machine, big opportunities: regarding the emerging field of micro mechanical report " state proposal, claiming " due to fretting Mechanics ( Systems ) in the United States of America urgency, should be in this kind of a new important area in the field of technology and other national competition ahead ", suggested that the central finance prepaid expenses for five years $50000000, get the United States leadership attention, continuous investment, and aerospace, information and MEMS as the development of science and technology three big key. The United States of America NASA invested $100000000 to develop " the discovery of microsatellites ", the United States National Science Foundation, the MEMS as an emerging research field developed by micro electro mechanical system research plan, from the beginning of 1998, funded by MIT, California University, 8 university and Baer laboratories engaged in this field of research and development, experience to help the amount from 1000000, 2000000 to $5000000 in 1993. Released in 1994, " the United States Department of Defense Technology Program " report, the key technology projects listed MEMS. The United States Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency active leadership and support of the MEMS research and military applications, has now completed a standard MEMS process line to promote new elements / devices research and development. American industry is committed to the sensor, displacement sensors, strain gauges and accelerometer sensors such as the fields of study. Many institutions participated in micro mechanical system, such as Cornell University, Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley, University of Wisconsin, the University of Michigan, old Lorentz national study of mohr. California University Berkeley sensor and actuator Center ( BSAC ) is the Ministry of defence and the dozen companies funded 15000000 yuan, built the 1115m2 MEMS super-clean laboratory research and development.

MITI started in 1991 for a period of 10 years, at a cost of 25000000000 yen a large study program, developed two prototype, one is used for medical, into the human body for diagnosis and micro operation, another for the industry, the aircraft engine and atomic energy equipment small crack repair practice. The program is University of Tsukuba, Tokyo Institutet of Technology, Northeastern University, Waseda University and Fujitsu Research Institute and other dozens of units in.

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