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Machining tool high demand high life and low pollution

Author: Date:2012-10-16 14:09:47

With the development of science and technology, on the surface of the material properties of the increasingly high demand. In recent decades a variety of vapor deposition technology arisen, make the surface engineering technology research and application are made make a spurt of progress in the development of. These techniques not only achieves the required mechanical properties, such as abrasion resistance, antifriction and corrosion, but also in the electromagnetic, thermal, optical, optoelectronic, superconducting and biology, and surface related to the field of functional materials display one's skill to the full. Surface engineering not only makes the low metal materials in the performance and effectiveness of a greater advantage, and has become the development of various new and important means of coating film material, and has huge application potential.

With the mechanical processing industry and raise the level of cutting tool, raised new requirement. In addition to improving service life and reducing the requirements of cutting pollution, as far as possible the use of dry cutting. To cancel a cutting fluid, as far as possible which contains only antirusting agent without organic matter, which can make the recycling to reduce the cost of.

Cutting tool of diversity and the use of the working condition characteristics determine the selection of cutting tool coating with different. Turning and drilling, milling and should consider its intermittent impact characteristics. The early development of the coating to wear as the main starting point, in order to improve the hardness is main index. In order to titanium nitride as representative of such coating has a high coefficient of friction ( 0.4 ~ 0.6 ), processing and the workpiece constant friction will produce a lot of heat. In order to avoid overheating the tool deformation affects the processing precision and prolong its using life, usually use cutting fluid.

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