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Machinery industry survival of the fittest, in the fierce market breakthrough

Author:admin Date:2012-12-14 9:43:33

Machinery industry competitiveness is available in the macro environment and the industrial development level, in domestic and overseas markets with low production costs and the characteristics of the product to get the best out of the ordinary market share and profit ability. At present, the global economic integration, the development of machinery industry presents the " unconventional" high growth. The market demand of the enterprise is very good opportunity, the enterprise should make every attempt to seize this opportunity to create more sales and profits. Although, this " high growth " situation can last how long will be very difficult to judge, but there is a basic judgement of market of domestic mechanical product will maintain long-term growth. Because China is a large demand for construction, especially in infrastructure, construction of the sources of energy, mineral resources development and so on, are pulling machinery product market continues to grow the main factor.

The development of mechanical product based on national industry policy and market environment. Machinery industry affected by the national macro-control policies more obvious, also once again shows the mechanical products market development trend and investment of whole society fixed assets growth are closely linked. Central to the rapid growth of fixed asset investment, money supply high credit inject Piankuai, red light; the next step will be to control monetary and credit resources, strengthen regulation and control of fixed assets investment. Fixed assets grows faster and faster growth is associated with credit, so appropriate to manage credit this gate is still to prevent investment rebound is an important means of.

From the angle of industry competition strategy, the future of mechanical industry will be two major strategic groups: provide a full range of products and services of the generalist enterprises and its breakdown products or marketing experts enterprises. At present, domestic enterprises and Multi-National Corporation strength compared are very weak, and those who concentrate on the part of the product and market form the core competitiveness, and to the gross profit oriented experts enterprises are more likely to survive in the keen competition. From the national " eleven five " plan, the next 5 years, the fixed assets investment, machinery industry as a whole will present rapidder development, but is not steady, is likely to show step upward trend.

Because in the machinery industry of new competition pattern, mechanical products of China can obtain policy support will be relatively weak, domestic enterprises need more by virtue of its own strength and Multi-National Corporation contend, and the Multi-National Corporation in product innovation, quality reliability and customer service services have certain advantages, the industry layout gradually will the competition in the industry to development, market sales will further to large enterprises, the industry will present the strong get stronger, the weak weaker trend, many domestic enterprises will become the Multi-National Corporation to produce and market system of a link, and a few in the products and services have the core competitiveness of the enterprise will have the possibility to become the Multi-National Corporation to counterbalance the leader.

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