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Machinery industry product development appears to be more mature

Author:admin Date:2012-12-14 9:44:53

At present Chinese enterprises in the international market, still lie to start and acceleration stage, still focuses on the domestic market depends on. But through expanding the overseas market to expand the scale of enterprises, more and more deeply the development of enterprises, has become more and more machinery industry products enterprises consensus. By relying on the domestic market of the developed country enterprise in China, has been aimed at the outside world. Be the first to bear the brunt, technical clearance from the market economic environment into consideration, China machinery industry products export prospects are very broad, but when Chinese enterprises begin to pay close attention to export, increase exit when, in a series of obstacles have also appeared, a manifold consists of circle surrounded in China enterprises.

In management, marketing, Chinese enterprises "going out" at the same time reflects the gap is very obvious, mainly includes the export of non-standard, overseas expansion is not scientific, the lack of international strategic management consciousness, lack of brand awareness and customer service between services etc.. Especially when many large enterprises have locked the internationalization of the goal, it can not be satisfied with the simple export growth, must be on improving the level of management, integrated marketing chain, brand more efforts, more accumulation. Still follows the previous domestic growth pattern, single on exports, is not a long way.

Determined to be high, it is too early to say with the rise of China's economy, along with the Chinese economy 's influence in the world continuously upgrade, China will need in all walks of life in the emergence of a number of powerful Multi-National Corporation, as the main force in China as the mainstay of economic development. This is the need of history, the need of the times, mechanical industry is natural also cannot avoid this fact. Rapid export growth again also cannot with " home market fatigued and weak " this ridiculous reason. Determined to be high, no international goals, today's exit to achieve qualitative breakthrough, no international consciousness, enterprise would not provide more scientific and more strong direction.

Be the first to bear the brunt, the most important way is the key technique. Long term dependence of Chinese enterprises in the domestic market and Multi-National Corporation competition to get exercise, enhance the comprehensive ability, but in general the qualitative change of small enterprise. Over the years the Chinese enterprise was used to low levels of replication, satisfied with the simple sales, sales increased, the so-called development, mostly just increasing the amount of technology, have very few breakthrough development. To improve this aspect of level, compared with the technology to. Especially we have and many large Multi-National Corporation conducted a joint venture, cooperation, can directly get in each other's technology, but the management, marketing level should be influenced in rising, management concept and internationalization should continue to optimize. From the world's largest machinery industry product market to go out of the Chinese enterprises, there is no reason not to appear more mature in all aspects.

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