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Kaiping machine process

Author:admin Date:2012-11-21 8:56:54
Our products have been selling briskly, and sold in the various provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, the majority of users praise! Kaiping machine process to introduce the next:
On volume - open-book - cutting, trimming - Print - thickness measurement - straightening - flying shear - fine straightening - quality inspection - oiled - sorting
The steel coils hanging from the middle of the library into the unit head coil storage intraday sent by hydraulic trolley reel uncoiler. Automatic centering device Coil height and width of the strip runs in the operating line. Disc Shear uncoiling strip width required to shear on both sides, running through the system can automatically control the strip is always on the ground feeding, it is based on a grating both sides of the strip the cover of the principle of equal area lateral movement uncoiler and pinch roller device to correct the strip for deviation. Cut waste side into the waste side volume machines, the cut edges of the strip pit to the the flying shear entrance pinch roller straightening machine, print live sets detected by the thickness gauge strip thickness and the thickness of the ultra-poor, to issue tracking system signal. The strip feeding belt transport guides continuously flying shear cut to length. Check belt for quality inspection plate after straightening. When the defective board, signaled by inspection personnel manual button. Oiled machine behind the end of the belt transport when the ultra-poor and defective steel plates arrive, the tracking signal automatically start magnetic sensor switch to send defective belt solenoid is energized and the upper belt magnet power off, defective stacking steel plates that enter. When defective steel plate to leave the tail sensor switch defective belt magnet power the upper belt magnet energized again under a qualified steel plate normal path input to a quality product stacking. Pile into the steel reaches a certain height or number of lifts down to pull out the stack of plates to the runout, sent a follow-up to the packaging unit bundled package.
Principle, adhere to the scientific concept of development "approach to science and technology as the primary productive force, focusing on the use of science and technology investment and the introduction of talent, take both autonomy and cooperation development, both focus on increasing investment in technology development, accelerate the upgrading of products pace. Welcome you valuable advice on our products!
My company after 10 years of continuous exploration and development, the company has a large number of senior technical personnel, products sold at home and abroad. The following is Kaiping machine Guidebooks:
All grease fittings month plus butter, when someone checks and maintenance or refueling, must ensure that the machine power is completely cut off, the boot should also pay attention to whether it was too close to the machine, mainly for bearing lubrication, pay attention to the roller surface clean, does not allow welding slag, known small sheet metal or other things fall between rolls, so as not to damage than the flat roll
Hei machine is mainly applied to the correction of various specifications and cut into the sheet material of the block, using a multi-roll working principle, the plate material between the upper and lower flat rolls repeated deformation, stress relief, so as to achieve the purpose of leveling.
The Company in good faith for the purpose, to the quality of survival, to the principle of customer first, customers can design and create efficient market-oriented, high-precision, high-quality mechanical advantage of cost-effective.

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