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International exports of steel products general situation

Author:admin Date:2012-12-4 9:17:49

According to the International Monetary Fund in the Financial Times forecast, the International Monetary Fund are substantial reductions in Europe in the future GDP growth expectations, in 2005 from the previous 2.2% reduced to 1.6%. Germany forecast will slowly adjusted to 0.8%, while previously forecast 1.8%. At the same time, the February European buyers purchase records show modest growth in industrial production.

And the last quarter of 2004 net exports in 2005 compared to China, or a finished flat steel products net importer, expected in 2005 China net imports will be much lower than in 2004, because the essence of new capacity in production use will enable is stimulated into export volume decreased. Due to the heating roller and the import volume of products continued to decline, steel production in China will cause structural changes.

In 2004, China imported 23000000 tons of steel products, the prediction of this year the import volume will be reduced to 1500 tons. Because the export rises from 4000000 tons to 6000000 tons, total net imports will decline from 1900 tons to 9000000 tons, down 1000 tons. This is a flat steel international trade very meaningful digital, which means that the world economy will therefore must find another buyer, is likely to produce additional output find another buyer. The pursuit of profit to the factory will not reduce yield. Because iron ore prices increased by 71.5%, and coke coal price perch moves, blast furnace steel makers in 2005 April 2004 April every tons will pay $70-80.

Thus, in the period from the heating roller product benefits will reduce a lot, in the steel mills profit higher level foundation, steel prices in the supply response triggered by affect and drop before. However, the existing high inventory is exacerbated in steel consumption showed slow growth factors, steel producers will have to reduce yield. It is also shown in the European Union, the United States and Japan's economy in G7, and G7 production in the third quarter of 2004 over the same period is actually falling, although later showed rebound.

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