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How to purchase building bearing plate

Author:admin Date:2012-12-25 8:53:22

How to purchase building bearing plate

How to buy floor bearing plate problems before some colleagues to talk, write well, here the younger also published some personal opinion: I personally think buy floor plates have a few steps.

The first step; using the network to find manufacturers, in the Internet era, many building bearing plate manufacturers have to release information on the net, for customers to purchase is also very convenient. To find online resources way also is many, in addition to Baidu, search and other large search engines and I like Alibaba and other large business platform for your choice. Below I with Baidu search for example; for example, the site in Hunan, design pattern is yx76-344-688 pressure plate; customers should be how to find manufacturers? There are many ways,

1) directly above the input yx76-344-688 in baidu,

2) to enter Hunan building bearing plate manufacturers;

3) input Hunan yx76-344-688 floor bearing plate

Each method can find many different resources, such as in Alibaba e-commerce site for building bearing plate method is the same as the manufacturers.

Step second: Fieldwork before making a decision; it is because of the popularity of the Internet and online false information is more, we identified in a factory after it is best to inspect the next better, so that my heart good, there is also a situation: you to the other side of the production workshop inspection later did not see their need is to type, used to see some similar type, such as, you yx76-344-688 floor bearing plate, and the production workshop in this model, only the yx76-306-915 pressure plate, customers should be how to do? I personally feel that as long as there is a similar type and the price is not expensive than before it can be changed to floor bearing plate model, the project is not affected, and changed shape to from the new layout problem is the seller may be required to provide

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