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From different angle understanding building bearing plate

Author:admin Date:2012-12-25 8:52:11

From different angle understanding building bearing plate

A; from the name recognition: floor bearing plate name very much, the market often called a pressure plate, steel plate, floor bearing plate, pressure plate, actually building bearing plate real name should be a pressure plate, the other is a nickname, but no matter what meaning is a kind of.

Two: from the classification knowledge: building bearing plate mainly into 3 categories, namely, open floor plates, closed floor bearing plate, a dovetail bearing plate ( also called an inverted mouth ); these three types of floor plates have respective characteristics; such as the opening price, construction speed is fast, and convenient transportation ( a vehicle mounted 6000m not much problem ), but its not suitable for large span building. Closed type floor bearing plate appearance, bearing capacity of strong, suitable for large span and high rise buildings, but the more expensive price and convenient transport without opening. Dovetail type floor bearing plate more functions, not only can be used as a template and can be mounted pendant as ceiling, but more expensive price.

Three; from the models of understanding; opening and a dovetail type floor bearing plate mostly begin with YX, mean pressure mean; closed floor bearing plate mostly begin with yxb, representing the pressure plate means ( expert panel begins with BD ); take yx76-305-915 floor plates, YX is pressed, 76 is the height ( height ), 305 wave moment width, 915 is after forming the width, with a complete sentence should be: the pressure wave height is 76mm, wave moment 05mm, width 915mm floor bearing plate.

Four; from the use of understanding: floor bearing plate is used instead of the original template using a novel shape, because the floor plates made up of the original template construction is slow, cannot multilayer construction at the same time. So building bearing plate in high-rise steel structure building on the use of a very wide.

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