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Floor bearing plate tectonic characteristics

Author:admin Date:2012-12-6 11:08:23

Floor bearing plate is widely used in power plants, electric power equipment company, automobile exhibition hall, steel structure plant, cement, steel structure warehouse office, airport, train station, gymnasium, music hall, theater, large supermarkets, logistics center, Olympic venues, stadiums and other steel structure construction.

The main characteristics of floor bearing plate floor bearing plate equipment : adaptation of the main steel structure construction request, in a short period of time to provide firm operation platform, and can adopt a plurality of floors of profiled steel sheet, layered pouring concrete board of water construction.

In the use of the stage floor bearing plate as a slab of concrete tensile reinforcement, but also improve the slab rigidity, saving steel and concrete content.

Pressure plate surface is embossed so that the floor bearing plate and concrete to produce the greatest binding force, so that the two form overall, with stiffening rib, C steel electric control box for operation of the bearing plate system with high bearing capacity.

The cantilever condition, building bearing plate only as a permanent template. Overhanging length according to floor bearing plate section properties to set. In order to prevent the cantilever slab crack in support, according to structural engineers design with negative reinforcement.

Floor bearing plate structure

Floor bearing plate thickness of 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm wide 688mm~940mm, 51 mm high ~76mm. project floor floor bearing plate and a reinforced concrete structure interaction, composite structure. Floor bearing plate laying connected with steel beam, plate end and steel beam penetration welding, the beam penetration fusion welding stud with intermediate; floor bearing plate with special clamp for occlusal pressure hole plug connection; special galvanized plug plate and the bearing plate and steel spot welding. If it is with arc building bearing plate shaped cutting using plasma cutting machine cutting, the incision smooth, galvanized surface layer integrity. Floor bearing plate welded by manual arc welding, welding rod for E4303, 3.2mm diameter, penetration welding for 16mm. original design of spot pitch 305mm, after the solder has increased 1 times, to ensure the operator when walking floor bearing plate deformation, when the concrete is poured floor bearing plate end without leakage.

When the floor structure layer elevation change is inconsistent, adopts welded steel measures the level of structure, a step transition, when the lower elevation when the beam web and welding angle; when the lifting elevation beam with welded steel. When the floor is reserved holes size is generally greater than 500mm× 500mm by first opening measures, namely in steel beam with welded steel joists spaced, increase the stiffness, mesh reinforced at the entrance of the cave is disconnected, and the steel welding; the hole size is less than 500mm× 500mm taken after opening measures, i.e. the building bearing plate is added on the plug mesh partition plate, reinforced through, concrete pouring molding after shear reinforcement

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