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Floor bearing plate technology exchange reinforcement requirements

Author:admin Date:2012-12-25 8:55:47

Floor bearing plate in the construction process should meet the requirements of reinforcement

In 1, floor bearing plate is anisotropic edition, judgment is one-way or two-way plate according to the anisotropic coefficient, according to the anisotropic coefficient calculation of the effective length ( conversion ), according to the effective length than the judgment is one-way slab or slabs.

In 2, judge for the two-way slabs, reinforced with vertical rib direction on the crest, along rib direction in the trough, but attention should be paid to should be not less than 20mm protective layer, the protective layer is mainly to ensure that the cohesive force of reinforced. Resistance calculation of vertical rib rib is direction above concrete thickness as the plate thickness, along rib direction from the trough to calculate, i.e. the combination of slab thickness for thick plate.

In 3, Yan Shun rib direction, pressure plate ( the pressure plate is converted into steel ) such as to meet the normal section bearing capacity requirements, and meet the shear bond capacity requirements, can not along rib direction reinforced. Special attention should be calculated shear bond capacity of composite slabs, are generally shear control. " High steel gauge " no shear bond calculation, it is negligence.

4, if two way slabs reinforced calculation, wave crest must be configured, pressure plate in the vertical rib direction without any role.

5, composite slab, the vast majority are one-way slab, very special, such as corner may be two-way slab beam span, because in general is very small, not in other parts of the same calculation according to the configuration of the basic can meet.

6, the distribution of reinforcement is the top plate must meet the provisions of GB50010.

7, in the direction along rib beam support, continuous or hinged, does not depend on the pressure plate, and depends on the negative reinforcement, pressure plate pressure negligible. The vertical rib direction is generally thought to be articulated, but should be configured anti-checking structure reinforcement.

In 8, floor bearing plate does not require stud in composite beam design, but must be constructed to ensure that the board and beam stud integrity.

9, if it is the design of composite beams, general beam by combination of girder, girder ( frame ) is calculated by composite beam bearing capacity, because the frame beam bear repeated load, composite beam without seismic test report - this was specification ignored, GB50017 and GB50010, GB50017 no seismic content. Beam under service loads deflection can be combined beam check ( if meet composite beam .).

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