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Floor bearing plate technology exchange

Author:admin Date:2012-12-25 8:54:35

And the customer is in daily communication, will inevitably encounter some technical aspects of the problem, and again Nanchang a customer asked me what is single, double and three cross, I found, ask our manager comes back know exactly what that means, I am told below what is under the single span in three, double cross, cross and cross continuously is what mean.

What is a single span: popular to say that the girder span between, without any intermediate support; for example: in a building between the beams, the distance is 4 meters, the floor bearing plate is laid directly in the above welding nails, with reinforced concrete, with no support ( temporary support is of course with the exception of ), this is the single span.

What is the double cross: is between the beams with a beam, or give an example: two between the beam and the distance is 5 meters, floor boards for laying in the above considerations to bear, so we decided in between the beams with a secondary beam, such floor bearing plate can bear have reinforced concrete pressure, this is the double cross.

What is the three cross: single span double span after understanding, I believe three cross is not difficult to understand, is in a double cross on the basis of add a secondary beam. Including continuous spans are the same, continuous span and three cross the meaning is the same.

On the different span of the bearing capacity of single span: the bearing capacity is the worst, and the minimum span; double cross when building bearing plate bearing capacity than the single span, span is better than single span large ( for example, single span is 2.5m, double span can reach 3m-3.5m ); three cross when building contractors plate bearing capacity more than double span, span greater; continuous span and three cross is the same.

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