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Floor bearing plate market develops quickly

Author:admin Date:2012-11-8 10:25:44

This year, aggrandizement floor price keeps stable, imported brands floor prices rise slightly. Sang Wei Beijing MontBlanc company president Mr Xu Yongjian expresses, energy, raw materials, transportation costs are on the rise, in a year of in the past, the flooring industry overall cost increases, the next year the floor market price won't fall, should be picked up, however, rose never rose.

To increase its say, because in the past by car to transport the goods, now requires two cars and a half, the cost of natural increase; that its prices are three reasons : first, the market competition is very intense, brand floor and more, non-price advantage; secondly, the state investment built number of wood-based panel production base, the prices will stop falling; thirdly, to the advantage of brand market share will expand, enterprise scale expansion, the scale of production and reduce cost. However, this price reduction is not much space, only those of the product quality, is not up to the national standard floor, will continue to price.

Most building materials manufacturers say, 2003 throughout the building material price appeared to rise situation. For example, the Beijing market steel prices more than 50%, cement prices more than 30%, more than 10% of timber price. Specifically, the steel prices from 2200 yuan to 1 tons rise to 3700 yuan to 3900 yuan to 1 tons; cement has risen to 280 from 330 yuan to 350 yuan; because wood is building three building bearing plate used in the least, so the price rise is minimal, rose only a few yuan.

Three building bearing plate price, of course will affect the family decoration decorating material price changes. In the annual price will drop at the end of the year, Beijing City, many products had no signs of decline, individual product prices also rose slightly. A bearing plate market management is disclosed, sheet metal, metal prices more obvious.

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