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Floor bearing plate in the construction process should meet the requirements of reinforcement

Author:admin Date:2013-1-9 15:19:34

Floor bearing plate in the construction process should meet the requirements of reinforcement:

The 1 floor bearing plate is an anisotropic version, judgment is one-way or two-way slab according to the anisotropic coefficient, anisotropy coefficient calculation according to the effective length effective length, according to the ratio of judgment is one-way slab or slabs.

2 decision for two-way slabs, reinforced with vertical rib direction on the crest, along rib direction in the trough, but attention should be paid to should be not less than 20mm protective layer, the protective layer is mainly to ensure that the cohesive force of reinforced. Resistance calculation of vertical rib rib is direction above concrete thickness as the plate thickness, along rib direction from the trough to calculate, i.e. the combination of slab thickness for thick plate.

3 extension along rib direction, pressure plate such as to meet the normal section bearing capacity requirements, and meet the shear bond capacity requirements, can not along rib direction reinforced.

4 if by two-way plate calculation, wave crest steel must be configured, pressure plate in the vertical rib direction without any role.

5 floors are overwhelmingly one-way slab, very special, such as corner may be two-way slab beam span, because in general is very small, not in other parts of the same calculation according to the configuration of the basic can meet.

When the floor structure layer elevation change is inconsistent, adopts welded steel measures the level of structure, a step transition, when the lower elevation when the beam web and welding angle; when the lifting elevation beam with welded steel.

Simple shearing machine hydraulic system fault diagnosis method is the most common method of repair personnel, it is to rely on personal experience, using simple instrument according to the faults of hydraulic system, objective, watch, hear, ask by touch, smell and other methods to understand the shearing machine hydraulic system work, analysis, diagnosis, to determine the fault causes and location, specific practices about equipment operators, understanding of hydraulic system of shearing machine equipment operation condition.

Floor bearing plate laying connected with steel beam, plate end and steel beam penetration welding, the beam penetration fusion welding stud with intermediate; floor bearing plate with special clamp for occlusal pressure hole plug connection; special galvanized plug plate and the bearing plate and steel spot welding. Whether the replacement of sealing element; before and after fault of hydraulic system of shearing machine appeared which is not a normal phenomenon; past the system what appeared fault, is how to eliminate the need to understand, one by one.

Composite slab is also called floor bearing plate, floor board, floor plate, steel plate, is the pressure plate not only as the concrete floor of the permanent form, but also as the lower floor stress reinforced bar in slab stress calculation, and the concrete work together to form a combined floor board.

Composite slab with profiled steel sheet net thickness not less than 0.75mm, the best control over 1.0mm. For ease of pouring concrete, the required pressure plate average groove width is not less than 50mm, when in the groove is provided with cylinder head studs, steel total height should not exceed 80mm. Floors steel plate surface protecting layer to defense during the construction and using process of atmospheric corrosion.

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