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Floor bearing plate in China market quietly thriving

Author:admin Date:2012-11-16 10:09:57

Has rich forest resources of the United States, Sweden, New Zealand, Russia, Canada and other countries wood, wood structure housing the production enterprise has begun in China looking for partners, for the large-scale open Chinese market preparation; American forest and Paper Association Representative in recent years are also active in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, visited Shenzhen, Dalian and other large and medium-sized city, visit the market and promote the complete green wood structure building and a variety of wood products; and the United States Department of Commerce, the United States Embassy and consulates in China, the United States of America Ivy building floor bearing plate Association in China held many forest products development, and China expert, floor bearing plate business, real estate developers, in-depth study of complete sets of wooden architecture development concept, construction standard.

New standard leads to new market opportunity according to the Guangdong Province decorative building materials chamber of Commerce Secretary Lu Yong introduction, in recent years the domestic also advocates the green concept, but really promote Qi development, or in a " Green Olympics " is the slogan of Beijing Olympic Games and pay attention to environmental protection and sustainable development of the Shanghai World Expo; later, the national Ministry of Construction promulgated " green ecological residential district construction points and technical guidelines ", the " green house" standard, in this trend, relying on sustainable forest production of complete sets of wooden structure building market very in tune in China begins to start.

In the past most people think, " green building " is the " tree grass Sheng ", even in some residential quarters of one-sided emphasis on the grass, and not synchronous active use of floor plates, so that consumers in the recognition misunderstanding, ignoring the " green building " true meaning. Industrialization of construction ministry residence Committee residential property group assistant group leader Kai Yan thinks, "green residential, " according to the principle of ecological balance in the construction planning and design of ecological energy saving, environmental protection, introducing advanced concepts, so that the building environment and natural as possible com., low energy consumption, high comfort.

So far, no building can than this pure natural sets of wooden structure building more natural and environmental comfort and health, American forest and paper association representatives in Shanghai Hong Xin said, their first in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Dalian, introduced into wood structure building, favored by expatriates, then expanded to the general public, market prospects. Application of energy saving technology and pollution prevention technology; comfort; health. The use of natural energy and energy conservation; natural, not in the destruction of the natural environment based on, as far as possible the use of natural raw materials, such as stone, wood, bamboo, lime, bark; environmental protection, which focus on recycling of waste materials.

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