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Experts predict that China's construction steel price trend

Author:admin Date:2012-10-30 12:45:06

Domestic economists predict China's economic situation, generally concluded will continue to maintain not less than 8% growth rate, but the iron and steel enterprises or for next year's economic operation of the uncertain factors have concern. First, China economy basically is a kind of investment model economy, investment to promote the economic growth pattern is more clear, as the real estate investment and Development Zone Investment and the investment growth of main effect, make people has reason to believe that in the second half of this year the real estate and development zones investment growth significantly downward trend will continue to the next year, the country promulgated a series of measures are in fact on the estate investment plays a role in slowing down. And the real estate investment for construction steel consumption is huge.

This year the price trend is rising reasons, all agree that the domestic economic situation of growth for the iron and steel market benign operation to create the conditions. Can be said that in recent years macroscopical economic situation has been performing well, an active fiscal policy, stimulating domestic demand, promoting the economic increase; on the other hand, monetary policy on economic growth also plays an important role in promoting.

Although the second half of this year the national consumption level increase, but the growth rate is still lower than the investment growth. Circular of the State Administration of Taxation promulgated a new export tax rebate policy, and the iron and steel enterprises direct impact is the cost of exports increased, means may be forced to reduce the export of iron and steel enterprise.

At present, the original fuel and traffic problems such as tension, economic benefits of iron and steel enterprises will continue to shrink. In addition to iron and steel enterprise product structure and productivity distribution unreasonable farther aggravate, domestic local construction steel supply demand relations are tense may. Of course, but also has the favorable factors deserve attention. First, with the sustained and rapid economic growth, industrialization and city change the demand for steel will continue to strengthen the pulling effect.

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