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Engineering machinery development is the introduction of foreign advanced technology

Author:admin Date:2012-12-14 9:41:18

China Construction machinery development to ninety time need replacement high technical level transmission system to replace. In this situation, the foreign advanced transmission technology has gradually entered the Chinese market. In the drive axle, with double reduction, caliper disc brake having a common drive bridge, today also has dominated China Construction Machinery Industry in thirty years, when the technology development to today, with anti-slip differential lock, with hidden wet brake driving bridge has been mentioned in a day.

At present our country drive bridge construction machinery and the development of new technology, new double change than mature. At present our country drive bridge construction machinery technology development direction and mainstream is to bring the differential lock wet bridge direction. Wet bridge the basic structure has two types, one is the integral bridge shell, a three section type axle housing. Integral type axle housing main drive in the middle, the wheel reductor and wet brakes on both sides. Three section type bridge, bridge shell is divided into three sections, the middle part is a box type structure, the main transmission, brake, a wheel side speed reducer all concentrated in the middle part of. The two structure is also no one other than an absolute good, or not good, also have respective advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, these two kinds of structure will coexist at the same time, as for what a good structure, according to their actual circumstances. On the current situation, the integral is more suitable for China's current situation and manufacturing technology.

In the transmission, the world has two schools, one is like the German ZF and the United States of America Dana that fixed shaft type box, another is at present our country uses at most and Carter, Komatsu, the planetary gearbox. Planetary gearbox, like our present only two planet rows, called simple planetary, manufacturing, maintenance is relatively easy. The actual situation in China, the complex planetary gear manufacturing more difficult, in introducing Carter technology, eventually did not form product is an example. The old simple planetary transmission, although there is still the most widely used, but due to some defects have been fundamentally unable to overcome, technology has no breakthrough development. Therefore the gearbox in the entire industry technology development, aim at the world-class level of ZF box.

Therefore, Chinese current model dual variable technology mainstream direction, have to the development direction of zf. The main pieces of supporting enterprises its produced high levels of ZF dual variable mass to the market, and from the loader gearbox through variant design has been developed to rollers, graders and other construction machinery products. One of the most important core part is a microprocessor and electro-hydraulic control valve. Currently in China to capture the two key technology has reached the last phase of assault fortified positions. Once the core technology is completely overcome, our country a new generation of replacement of double variable technology will soon be widely implemented.

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