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East China steel market trend analysis

Author:admin Date:2012-12-27 9:22:12

Because in the steel orders in the critical period, the Shanghai market dealers deliberately suppressed the market price to obtain the steel more cheap resources, 16-25mm steel mainstream price fell to 3320 yuan / ton, Wednesday afternoon to Hushang large sealing disc, the market price was also small rally, Thursday, Friday market prices continue to rise. Wire price was slightly down trend. As of 6.5mm high speed Shanghai market mainstream market price of 3820 yuan / ton, compared to the previous weekend to drop 50 yuan / ton; 16-25mm steel the mainstream of the market price of 3430 yuan / ton, compared to the previous weekend rose 10 yuan / ton. Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi market because steel prices relative to the Shanghai market is higher, the dealer mental instability, coupled with the market effective demand is insufficient, steel prices fell 50 yuan / ton, wire price decreases in 10-30 yuan / ton, to Friday three to mainstream 6.5mm high prices in the 3820-3830 yuan / ton, 16-25mm thread steel market mainstream price for 3530-3550 yuan / ton.

The Ji'nan market due to lower prices, the peripheral market many businessmen to tune out the resources, makes the market demand increases, prices low and stable screw steel, wire price fall after a rise of 50 yuan / ton. To Friday market 6.5mm curve and 16-25mm steel mainstream price respectively is 3800 yuan per ton and 3350 yuan / ton. Hefei, Fuzhou steel market prices 20-40 yuan / ton, wire rod prices basically stable. Nanchang market by various specifications of resource of different effects, price fluctuates frequently, to Friday 16-25mm screw steel mainstream price of 3420 yuan / ton, compared to the previous weekend to drop 40 yuan / ton. As of Friday, eight major city in East China 6.5mm high speed wire market average price of 3821 yuan / ton, 20mm threaded steel market average price of 3494 yuan / ton, respectively over the previous weekend to drop 22 yuan / ton and 30 yuan / ton.

Tangshan City determined to iron and steel industry pollution remediation of many private enterprises have been to suspend production for rectification, the domestic construction steel later period the trend will produce major effect, it is reported Hebei some businessmen have opportunity to billet prices up 150 yuan / ton to 3250 yuan / ton, Jiangsu area is also part of the steel will increase again scrap the acquisition price. The current building steel market is facing favorable factors has occupied the dominant position, the market this week is expected to usher in a wave of strong rebound in prices.

From around the stock situation, East China region around the increase in inventory is not obvious, which Shanghai steel market inventory is controlled in 160000 tons, the Hangzhou market of about 100000 tons, about 60000 tons of Nanjing market. Because of the increased demand, coupled with the current north-south regional price difference is not big, short-term inside North material resources into South market is unlikely. As weather turn cool, site construction increased, East China Construction steel market will gradually turn into consumption season, having a more optimistic about the dealer.

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