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Closed for floor boards with openings for floor boards compared to the advantages

Author:admin Date:2012-11-28 10:22:56
Closed for floor boards compared to the advantages of cross section of the plate with openings for floor boards

1. Closed floor bearing plate board bottom formation, web fit, according to various rooms of different functions and the need to provide a variety of the plate bottom smallpox approach. Such as direct spray paint can be made of tongue-and-groove ceilings (the shape of the aluminum buckle), can also be draped 刮腻子 brushing the waterborne coatings made of flat panel ceiling can be directly attached to the wall covering or wallpaper decorated with colored ceiling or the use of closed unique card slot suspension system installed ceiling. More economical to meet the aesthetic needs of the owners.

2. Plasticity theory analysis of the combination of the floor structure bearing capacity, the concrete pressure Heli center with steel pull together to center has closed for floor boards sectional center of gravity away from the board about 16mm end, less than the open type floor plate for reduced or mouth mezzanine deck section parameters greater within arm, which means that the material strength to play a fuller, therefore closed combinations floor has greater bearing capacity of the structure or a higher safety factor.

3. Closed for floor boards to completely replace the the slab the Chung Cheng moment and without stencilled fire retardant paint can be achieved by two hours a FRP tensile reinforcement.

4. Closed for floor boards rib angle of the concrete, combination floor combination Floor Deck bond stronger.

5. Closed for floor boards combination floor slab thickness can be reduced, increasing the headroom. The combination floor openings for floor boards, the minimum plate thickness required 126mm, and the board minimum Simply 104mm.

6. The unique closed for floor boards card slot suspension system for the building board bottom electromechanical pipeline installation to facilitate the system do not need to punch a hole in the bottom of the plate or the embedded iron pieces is just an easy two cards inserted into the groove of the bottom of the plate. can provide 200kg the hoist lifting point, demolition is also very convenient.

Closed for floor bearing plate with openings for floor boards compared to install the technology advantage

1. Closed for floor boards in strict accordance with the design of decking Figure processed in the factory, the row of plates are numbered in the order, without on-site construction cut and fill plates, convenient on-site installation at the steel company.

2. Closed for floor boards row board simply press the span Shun row, then smooth with steel beams, due to the formation of the bottom of the plate, enough real connection area with steel beams. Therefore do not have to deal with can be laid directly in the past (opening for floor boards need to avoid virtual ride with the steel beams cutting the complement plate).

3. Openings for floor boards at the ports should be blocking plate, avoid pouring concrete into the leakage of plasma from the opening in the bottom of the plate, and closed for floor boards webs closed without blocking plate ends.

4. Closed for floor boards due to the flat bottom of the plate, both with steel beams cross ride or smooth ride, can be fully integrated with the steel beam flange steel beam flange top surface without spraying fire retardant paint. Open-beam bearing plate and having a cavity between the steel beams, the need to do a shoulder plugs to fill up empty.

5. Closed for floor boards completely replace the lower reinforced to reduce the amount of live steel production, reduce the amount of on-site labor, accelerate the construction speed. Cancellation of the original design of the lower reinforced to provide greater space for floor laying wire casing.

Comprehensive cost comparison analysis

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