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China steel structure into a healthy development track

Author:admin Date:2012-12-27 9:23:27

China Iron and steel industry structure adjustment has been saying that for years, but has no obvious effect. But with the cost and inventory rising pressure daily, the second half of the course materials will be forced to really began, large steel enterprises or will become the biggest winner. Higher steel costs, commercial stock rises, demand hasten delay, exit suffocate suffocate, China Iron and steel industry is now facing a difficult situation, second " to stock" will become the domestic steel mills in high cost and competition is the inevitable choice of the. In fact, not only is China, the global steel production capacity is excess production capacity, is the global iron and steel production in response to falling steel prices adjustment phase.

The requirements of industry field to assembly, wet little. Floor is in short-term inside cannot achieve factory prefabrication, installation, which will affect the speed of construction, research by the main settlement way is through the reasonable construction organization, the same can be achieved to industrialization of engineering of highly organized and possible mechanical operation to replace the manual labor concept. Steel structure can fully achieve the factory, but the current beam column node area in order to meet the requirements of mechanical joints, welding current to construction, the investigation about this aspect is not little also, have developed the bolt connected rigid node. As the steel structure and the wall as well as other building materials with different properties, thermal expansion coefficient difference is bigger, easy in two materials interface crack and the influence of user, construction process through the relevant structural details of treatment to avoid.

Residential industry group is the industrialization of steel structure residence in the implementation of the main body, is the domestic steel industry development backbone force. Steel structure housing the technology-intensive products, should carry out industrialization development, need to have a number of investment and financing, real estate development, construction, product development and production of the comprehensive ability of large enterprise groups to actively participate in. Only large residential industry group to assume that residential industry from the labor-intensive to technology-intensive, from distributed, extension development toward integrated, connotation development, thus completing the series development, integrated production, supporting the supply target. A large group of residential property in steel structure residential building industry is moving towards maturity. The real estate development company construction steel structure residential industry group; by the general contracting enterprise of project of construction of the steel structure residential industry group; with industrialized residence or parts manufacturer as the leading steel structure residential industry group. We believe that the future will be third for the mainstream, especially iron and steel industry related businesses are most conditions integrated resources take the lead in realizing industrialization.

The steel industry development is manifested in the steel enterprise increasing, so all over the country the number of steel enterprises is extremely uneven distribution, product supply is not suitable adjustment. Making the same steel product price confusion. And put forward " cost-effective " requirements can enable enterprises to find the direction of reform, and effective use of funds, improve operating efficiency. Some enterprises compete only in size, but not in engineering effort. Make a lot of enterprises is more like a shell, no sense of existence, made out of steel construction accidents happen frequently, this to the enterprise's injury was fatal. No customers will not pass and technology cooperation. And " high price" as a business pursuit of the goal, the enterprise can not be production quality problems of steel structure building. Not blindly put money blindly into the scale, will strive to improve their design level, construction technology and service level, promote the enterprise to enter the healthy development track.

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