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China machinery products in the future is still the gold sales period

Author:admin Date:2012-12-14 9:45:53

Since the 90's of last century, the developed countries mechanical products has entered informatization period of development, energy saving and environmental protection, security technology, automation control technology, visualization technology, man-machine engineering, fault diagnosis and monitoring system, cluster job information and control and other aspects were widespread attention, and introduced the corresponding technical standards. China's environmental protection and energy saving construction machinery starts later, still lack corresponding technical regulations and standards, environmental, safety, man-machine dialogue and other indicators are too low, has hindered our country green mechanical product development.

The developed countries in Europe and America was adopted a series of new techniques, measures or application of new environmental protection fuel to further reduce emissions and noise pollution. The expert thinks, our country development of environmentally friendly products, from product design. The engine is a mechanical product all system to the environmental effect in the largest components, with low fuel consumption, low emissions, low noise, high efficiency and environmental protection type water cooled turbocharged diesel engine and greatly reduce the impact on the environment; its high efficient energy saving and environmental protection is important one annulus, reduce energy consumption that is meant to reduce the pollution to the environment; selection control high performance, long-life, energy-saving engine is the development of environmental protection machinery is one of the basic ring; in addition in the design, with two pumps sub-confluent technology, hydraulic load sensing technology, hydrostatic driving technology can achieve the purpose of energy saving.

In addition, long life, low energy consumption and reduce weight should be mechanical product design principles, from the reduction of environmental load point of view as much as possible to consider the series of products of similar parts interchangeability and versatility. For this, should be in keeping the host performance parameters in the premise, to minimize host and subsidiary device or equipment volume and weight, improve power transmission system parts strength and durability, the realization of the hydraulic system for light weight and high efficiency. Mechanical product in the design of the initial stage to consider scrap parts processing of simple, low cost and little pollution principle, components to be convenient, easy disintegration of broken, can be used as fuel to incineration or recycling. Machinery industry also should be established in line with international norms, technology platform and evaluation system.

Environmental protection machinery products should be used above all can be recycled materials and resources, in the system and component design in the selection of materials should be recyclable, easy to decompose, regeneration, and in the course of processing and using is harmless to the environment, especially the structure of the design should be as much as possible with relatively easy assembly and disassembly the modular structure and non-toxic materials, improve the mechanical product material regeneration rate. As a low environmental load material, machinery parts and components design should be possible without the use of freon, chlorinated rubber, resin and asbestos and other hazardous materials.

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