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Caigang equipment operation process

Author:admin Date:2012-12-12 9:04:25

Caigang equipment operating skills:

First, color plate lap joint of side and end. Installation of each piece of plate, the edge accurately placed in front of a steel plate, and a plate clamping, until the plate whose two ends are fixed. A simple and effective method is using a pair of clamping pliers are respectively clamped the lap steel plate. Steel plate along the longitudinal position, the end part of the upper end of the forceps is especially needed edge portion, which will ensure that the plate is in place, and the end of the lap also is in the correct position, so as to fix the plate, fixed in the process, should always be in the longitudinal clamp clamp steel plate.

Second, pressure tile machine equipment installation and fixation with penetration and the secret concealed two. Penetrating type fixed roof and wall color steel equipment installation is the most common way, namely by self tapping screws or rivets will color plate is fixed on the supporting member ( such as purlin ), transmission fixed points for wave trough fixed, fixed or their combination. The secret concealed fixing is will and button type color plate supporting the special button is fixed in the support member ( such as purlin ), color plate mother rib and covert the center rib tooth fixing method, generally used for roof panel installation.

In third, large span and large area plant design, in order to have enough brightness, often designed to have light zone, generally in each cross intermediate decorate. Lighting board settings while the increase in the degree of lighting, but also increase the solar heat transfer, temperature increase inside the building.

Fourth, selection of self-tapping screw. Fixed screw selection should be in accordance with the service life of the structure of fixed parts, purlin thickness shall not exceed the capacity of self drilling screws. The current supply of screws can be a plastic head cover, stainless steel or coated with a special durable protective layer. In addition, in addition to button fixed screws and other screws, with waterproof gasket, and according to the lighting panels and special pressure conditions are equipped with the corresponding special washers.

Fifth, color plate installation easier to grasp, and some of the details of the process is more important. The roof color plate should be on the roof and eaves at the color plate corresponding edge work, its purpose is to more effectively prevent rainwater from entering into the roof.

Sixth, in the south is generally designed for single color plate color plate, in order to reduce the heat from solar radiation into the interior of the building, the installation of roof, roof system with heat insulation layer in. There is a very simple, economic and effective method, namely in the installation of roof steel purlins or slats in before, with double-sided reflective foil film, this method also can be used as a steam isolation, to reduce condensation. If allowed to film in the strut between the sag depth of 50~75mm, film and a roof panel between the air layer can further improve the thermal insulation effect.

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