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C steel for knowledge sharing

Author:Allen Date:2012-10-11 13:36:23
  C type steel machine products has good bending and compression properties of flatness, automatic cutting, automatic punching, high degree of automation, convenient installation, the product can be used as large and medium-sized industrial and civil construction the main body stress structure
Selection, consideration should be given to their different features. Areas with heavy rainfall similarity into account . Building permits, in the framework of the layout of support than simple node rigid frame has better economy . And roof covering large span structures, can choose component tensile based cable or cable membrane structure system. Design of high rise steel structure, often with steel concrete composite structure. Note: no C steel machine more than minimal closed height work, namely the bottom surface to slide on the surface of minimum distance 290mm, to urge the upper and lower mold mold height after plus, upper and lower plate thickness and tile billet thickness, not allowed to exceed the 290mm, when producing mould should be strictly controlled according to the requirements of design, in order to avoid the accident. The above by Nanpi County post pressure tile machine factory, Nanpi County post pressure tile machine factory over the years have been engaged in steel structure with a roof and C type steel machine production. At the same time, dedicated to a variety of new products research and development, has advanced production equipment and excellent development and design talent, C steel mill, steel products with high efficiency, high precision, processing and low consumption of abode in the same industry leading level. The products from the ordinary roof board, wall panel forming machine has now the development and fabrication of a dozen series of the pressure plate production lines, can fully meet the needs of building steel structure. Products are hidden roof panel forming machine; glazed tile molding machine; combined double-layer forming machine; tile, annex machine; large span beam, arched beamless machine; Volume gate forming machine; downspout forming machine; feeding machine, cutting machine; color steel sandwich panel production line; C steel machine, Z type steel purlin production line; steel equipment steel floor plate for the production line; high-speed wire production line; leveling uncoiling - - shear - chop material production lines and other equipment series. In addition, the company also produces series hydraulic shearing machine, bending machine; series of Steel Coil Slitting unit and other equipment.

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