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Building materials the reform, to the development of environment-friendly

Author:admin Date:2012-10-24 9:57:24

According to introducing, our country is early in last centuries 80 time have been carried out in green building research, but due to too much emphasis on economic development while downplaying the green building research and development. China is a country short of energy, is also a big energy consuming country, the building energy consumption accounts for about 28% of all energy consumption, energy consumption than the same climatic conditions developed 2-3 times higher, building materials production, construction activities caused pollution accounts for about 34% of all the pollution emissions, building energy consumption the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide accounted for the total carbon dioxide emissions of 30%. In existing buildings, most of the construction for high energy consumption of building, the new building in 80% above still belongs to high energy consumption building.

Build energy-saving society has to represent the general trend, around the green building saving type of housing, some energy saving building materials, new technology and new technology emerge as the times require, will lead the future development trend. Recently, China Academy of Building Research Shenzhen branch relevant responsible person revealed the market information.

Create " green building " government alone is not enough, need more scientific research institutes, enterprises and consumers to participate in the. As a research institution, they do a lot of work. The school 's main research work covers architecture, engineering, building environment and energy, construction machinery and construction, the new chemical building materials, building fire safety, building decoration and other professional in 79 fields of study.

As the Ministry of construction under the leadership of a professional research institutions, China Academy of Building Research Shenzhen branch executive vice president Zhang Hui said has a market oriented. He said, in recent years energy-saving building system is perfect with each passing day, solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, energy-saving envelope and other new technologies emerge as the times require, energy-saving building technology become the construction industry development guide.

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