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Building materials market for consumers really honest intention

Author:admin Date:2012-12-4 9:16:37

As foreign material into, as well as domestic excellent building materials research and development building materials, home furnishing products progress very fast, but with the new roll out ceaselessly, some of the counterfeit product for subsequent follow up, led to the dragons and fishes jumbled together in. When consumers encounter problems complaints, will encounter a situation, building materials products not corresponding national standards or reference, so the problem cannot be solved properly. To this, lawyer Qiu Baochang said, in his case, there is no standard may depend on the status of some building materials. In addition, some national standards are obviously lower than the international standard, these standards also brings certain difficulty for consumer rights.

Many consumer complaints, furniture manufacturers, air contrast tests found in the living room space, furniture display, leading to indoor air pollution exceed the standard, furniture manufacturers should be accountable, but be in the right and self-confident furniture manufacturers say their furniture, content of harmful substances in conformity with the national standards, and can take out testing report.

In fact, furniture and indoor air quality standards formulated, furniture itself may be harmful material content consistent with the corresponding standards for furniture, and the fact is, as a result of these furniture enter, has caused air pollution exceed the standard, at the same time, furniture testing is locally cut detection, not the overall detection. In this case, consumers are eating a yabakui, either had to buy furniture pieces cut to detection, otherwise know furniture is the arch-criminal, but no standard to support.

Home furnishing industry has its particularity, coating floor tiles belong to building materials product, once the tiling walls found problem, often existing dispute over trifles phenomenon. Merchant said the construction problems, home improvement company says is with the product itself, and for related departments to identify, not only to consumers spend a lot of time and energy, and there is evidence to the case. Therefore, experts remind consumers, home building materials into the acceptance of work must be done well.

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