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Building materials industry development steadily

Author: Date:2012-10-24 9:48:29

In recent years, the macroeconomic situation of building materials industry a greater impact. Energy prices continued to rise, increase the cost of building materials is expected throughout the year, building materials industry because of coal, electricity, oil prices increase the cost of about 7000000000 yuan. Due to the people's Bank of China this year is two times to raise lending rates, building materials enterprises throughout the year will therefore increase interest expenses of about 1000000000 yuan, this year on the part of building materials products export tax rebate adjustment is also quite big.

Reduce non-metallic mining and the selection of import duties, in order to reduce the trade surplus, to meet the needs of the deep processing of raw materials, at the same time to gradually reduce the building materials products export tax rebate rate, have been adjusted for product recently don't make a big change, give enterprises a digest absorption process. Accelerate the pace of industrial restructuring, with advanced production technology to replace the backward production technology; vigorously develop the circular economy, to further expand on all kinds of industrial waste utilization; improve the quality of building materials product, prolong the service life of the product; to extend the industrial chain, vigorously develop the processing products industry; enhancement of energy-saving awareness, strengthen enterprise energy management.

In order to realize building materials industry to develop quickly, must closely around to energy saving and pollution reduction as the center, vigorously develop the circular economy, promoting industrial structure adjustment, promote the change of growth mode, promote quality and benefit to rise. He thinks to accelerate the elimination of small cement, glass and other backward production capacity. Energy saving work is mainly done waste heat power generation technology and the development of circular economy.

Improve and perfect the consumption energy statistical work, improved statistical methods, shorten the report period. Increase of flat glass industry in the strength of macroscopical adjusting control, accelerate the elimination of backward technology of flat glass pace, support for glass melting kiln waste heat power generation, oxygen-enriched combustion and pure oxygen combustion technology development. Research development of flat glass industry access conditions, in order to promote the glass industry structure adjustment and healthy development.

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