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Building materials development to achieve environmental upgrades

Author:admin Date:2012-12-4 9:13:19

Modern building materials company, is the largest city of Beijing fly ash comprehensive utilization enterprises, is the use of plant waste ash and waste residue to produce the largest manufacturer of aerated concrete. According to rough statistics, the annual comprehensive utilization of fly ash in nearly 300000 tons, not only saving fly ash pollution disposal costs, and the annual production of aerated concrete nearly 300000 cubic meters, can replace the traditional clay brick in the city 's energy-saving buildings in use, thus, every year can reduce the clay brick destroy field covers an area of 400 acres. Can say, modern building materials company is engaged in the country's " green sale ".

Modern building materials company mainly from the " neighbors " Datang Corporation Gaojing cogeneration power plant " eat dirt ", through a special process into the production of fly ash aerated concrete products, to become energy-saving amounted to 65% of the new wall materials, as a traditional brick substitute Beijing numerous key projects as insulation, thermal insulation material of choice. However, this year due to the full implementation of the Beijing " boiler coal into clean fuel ", modern building materials company must use new clean fuel instead of coal boiler, this will make the costs go up several times. Products would have only a small profit, the cost rose means that our enterprises are facing losses and even bankruptcy.

A possible loss in the edge of the enterprise was a new cooperation model, coruscate opportunity of survival. As with the " neighbors " a company Gaojing cogeneration power plant formed a new partnership, modern building materials company with no increase in the cost of the conditions for successful implementation of the environmental upgrades, thereby enabling the company production of aerated concrete products as a new type of wall materials, everfount transported to include the Olympic project, many Beijing city major project project.

On the Countermeasures of time, had " neighbors " Gaojing cogeneration power plant steam, the factory in addition to power generation, but also with steam heating, the technical difficult problem finally been overcome, modern building materials company used the Gaojing cogeneration power plant transfer to steam. After comprehensive testing, using steam as the heat source the production of aerated concrete products of the indicators are better than the original, and the comprehensive cost does not increase the number of. Should say, this cooperation power plant there didn't get much benefit, we are also, our enterprises because of this cooperation was saved.

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