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Building bearing plate forming machine _ tell simple introduce products

Author:admin Date:2013-1-23 12:49:35

1, the surface state: galvanized coating process due to the different treatment, the surface states are also different, such as ordinary zinc flower, flower, smooth fine zinc spangle, no zinc flower and phosphating surface etc.. German standard also provides a surface level.

2, galvanized plate should have good appearance, not the use of products harmful defects, such as no plating, hole, crack and scum, exceed the thickness, scratches, dirt, such as chromate white rust. Composite floor can also be called the floor boards, floor boards, floor plate, steel plate, pressure plate is not only as the permanent formwork for concrete floor, and as the floor of the lower stress reinforcement in slabs and concrete calculation, work together to form composite slabs.

3 advantages: 1, composite slabs, light weight, high strength, 2 of the 3 large stiffness

4, the construction is convenient and fast,

5, easy to update

Construction of 6, and is convenient for industrialized production of composite slabs requirements:

( 1 ) of composite slabs with profiled steel sheet should be made of galvanized steel, the galvanized layer thickness should be satisfied in the period of time not to rust requirements.

( 2 ) pouring mixed Sukhavati wave trough the average width of not less than 50mm. When the stud is arranged in the groove couplings, the total height of composite floor should not be more than 80mm.

( 3 ) combined with the thickness of the plate shall not be less than 90mm; pressure plate above the top of the mixed Sukhavati thickness should not be less than


( 4 ) anchor requirements: end plate should be set stud anchor. Stud should be provided in the concave deck end support, through the pressure plate and stud welding in the steel beam, plate.

( 5 ) bearing length composite slabs of the steel beam, shall not be less than 50mm. Bearing length on a masonry shall not be less than 75mm.

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