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Application of double steel equipment

Author:Allen Date:2012-10-11 13:33:20
  Double color two equipment sets into one, saving the user cost, but also saves space. Double layer steel equipment is composed of the feeding, molding, forming cutting components, the products produced by the appearance of beautiful, paint masking uniform, high strength, durable, widely used in industrial and civil buildings, such as factories, warehouses, locomotive shed, hangars, gymnasium, exhibition halls, theaters and other real surfaces and walls. Its components include: machine, PLC computer control system, hydraulic pump station system, automatic shear system equipment characteristics: the color plate equipment using high-level automatic control software, production information management. The entire unit automation control system adopts high integrated network, the superior performance of automation systems. The above by Nanpi County post pressure tile machine factory, Nanpi County post pressure tile machine factory over the years have been engaged in steel structure with a roof and C type steel machine production. At the same time, dedicated to a variety of new products research and development, has advanced production equipment and excellent development and design talent, C steel mill, steel products with high efficiency, high precision, processing and low consumption of abode in the same industry leading level. The products from the ordinary roof board, wall panel forming machine has now the development and fabrication of a dozen series of the pressure plate production lines, can fully meet the needs of building steel structure. Products are hidden roof panel forming machine; glazed tile molding machine; combined double-layer forming machine; tile, annex machine; large span beam, arched beamless machine; Volume gate forming machine; downspout forming machine; feeding machine, cutting machine; color steel sandwich panel production line; C steel machine, Z type steel purlin production line; steel equipment steel floor plate for the production line; high-speed wire production line; leveling uncoiling - - shear - chop material production lines and other equipment series. In addition, the company also produces series hydraulic shearing machine, bending machine; series of Steel Coil Slitting unit and other equipment.
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